About Rosa’s Ecolodge

Rosa’s Ecolodge offer unique and fascinating adventures in both the Baluran National Park and its surrounding traditional villages. We offer action and adventures for both adventurous and the lazy ones.

The savanna, the forest, the volcano and all the wildlife of the national park offers you great natural experiences. The surrounding Madura villages offer their colorful traditions and way of life.

Staying with us in Rosa’s Ecolodge you can also enjoy nice organic food and comfortable bungalows/rooms. It all will make you remember your visit for very long time.

Baluran and Rosa’s Ecolodge are very easy to reach. On the doorstep to Bali and along the popular route between Yogyakarta and Bali, near many other great natural wonders and interesting places.

We at Rosa’s Ecolodge believe in eco-tourism. That is tourism that do not ruin the nature, or disturb the local culture. Eco-tourism must also involve and benefit the local communities. For this reason we try to use a part of the income for community development.

With this we hope to increase the knowledge of both the locals and the visitors about the eco-system and to help the locals earn a better income.

Please enjoy browsing our website and click appropriate subject to the left for more details. We used to have a Dutch version, but unfortunately one of the driving forces behind Rosa’s Ecolodge, Mr. Rene Tambayong passed away in Dec. 2012. You can read more about Rene Tambayong’s amazing life and other interesting articles under articles.