Community Development

A part of the profits of Rosa’s Ecolodge will be used for community development. Our main objective is to help alleviate poverty amongst the villagers. By spending the funds on education and raising environmental awareness, the standard of living will improve in the future.

We try to involve the local community both directly and indirectly in the development of eco-tourism. We have in previous years done environmental awareness education for schoolchildren and planted trees in and around the village. For a few years this activity has been dormant, but we start now again. Coming programs are education of children and introducing organic farming. The more guests, the more we can do.

The programs are carried out on a grass-root level, but also involving other groups in the community and the local government. This creates a positive environment free from political strife.

A visit to Rosa’s Ecolodge will give you many memories of nature and culture and it will support the protection of a unique corner of Java.

We will update with more information along the road.