Eco Safaris

We strongly recommend you to read the section SAFARIS, TREKS, TOURS – BASIC INFORMATION. We have compiled important information and tips that can be useful and make your planning more worthwhile.

Our activities depend on you. We have several suggestions that many visitors appreciate, but we can adjust to you or your group’s interests. You will get close to the wild animals and be able to take nice wildlife photos. The excursions are suitable for most people. You don’t have to be fit, a backpacker, or a wildlife-enthusiast.

Besides safaris on the savannah and in the villages, Rosa’s Ecolodge has also become popular for its snorkeling safaris.

All safaris include:

  • English speaking guide
  • Safari car plus driver
  • Boat (safaris at sea)
  • Bicycle (when applicable)
  • Guide, asst guide and ranger fees
  • Entrance fee and special permit of the Baluran National Park.
  • Snack & hot beverages
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner when appropriate
  • Special equipment such as tents and snorkeling gear when appropriate.

For prices and other more information, please contact us.


  • Min. 2 persons, max. 6 persons
  • By safari car
  • Time: 07.00 – app.13.00
  • Period: All year, best June – November

This is a very family friendly and easy safari. With 4-wheel-drive safari cars we enter the park in the morning. We normally get close enough for good photography possibilities. You will see many birds, for example the beautiful Peacock; Green peafowl (Pavo muticus) and Jungle fowl. Other animals are for example Macaque, Squirrels, Javanese wild ox, Banteng (Bos javanicus), Deers, monitor lizards and Langurs.

We will see the evergreen forest, the Bekol observation tower and Bama Beach where we have nice BBQ for lunch. At the Bama beach, you can make acquaintance with the macaque gang that for sure comes out of the trees looking for food. (Please don’t feed them).


  • Min. 2 persons, max. 6 persons
  • Safari car
  • Time: 14.00 – 21.00
  • Period: All year, best June – November

The Savanna Dusk Safari brings you a unique thrill of close encounters with wildlife at dark that you only see at a distance of several hundred meters during day-light hours.

It all looks different in the dark, even if you have already seen it during the daytime. Indonesian wildlife is typically nocturnal, which is the reason that you probably will see more and different species of animals at night.

The access road to Bekol in the afternoon offers opportunities of viewing peafowl, green and red jungle fowl and sometimes Banteng (Bos javanicus) crossing the road on their way to their favorite locations on the savanna.

Do not forget the great expanse of millions of stars overhead, which is much more enjoyable than the hot sun. In the evening we enjoy a BBQ on Bama Beach.

With the Dusk Safari, you will have experience the excitement of evening/afternoon and sunset conditions on the Savanna.


  • Min. 2 persons, max. 6 persons
  • Safari car
  • Time: 07.00 – 19.00
  • Period: March – December

This safari is a one day of bird watching in different eco-systems. Baluran offers great Bird watching. Watch the Green peafowl (Pavo muticus). This mystical bird of Hinduism is a world class attraction in itself. It is also common to see groups of Green Peafowl on the savanna in flocks of four to six birds.

We leave the Ecolodge at 07.00. At 07.30 we arrive at the first bird watching station in the evergreen forest, where we explore dry riverbeds and shrubs. Banded pitta, Black naped oriole, Ruddy cuckoo-dove, Green imperial pigeon, Emerald dove, Black-naped monarch, Racked-tailed treepe, Large-tailed nightjar and various woodpeckers are all present in this area, including the rarely seen Red jungle fowl. During the wet (western) season (December – March) Javan king fisher, and White-breasted water hen are attracted to seasonal pools in this forest. There is also a chance to encounter big mammals like the Banteng, Javanese wild ox and the shy barking deer.

We continue along the partly asphalted road to the Bekol tower compound, which is the playing ground of the Jungle fowl (Gallus varius). All village-chickens of Java originate from here. They can be seen at relatively short distances, either in groups or alone.

Later on we move to the coastal forest where White-bellied woodpecker, Great slaty woodpecker, Banded pitta, Grey-checked tit-babbler, Great-bulled heron, Asian pied hornbill, Lesser adjutant and Spotted wood-owl are present and frequently heard.

The savanna also hosts many bird-species, most of them insect-eaters. There are also numerous small bays and inlets where good and easy birding is to be enjoyed. However, how much we can explore depends on time and local conditions.

To enjoy the full potential of bird watching in Baluran National Park one would need at least two days.

We bring a breakfast box in the morning and have lunch at Bama.

Note: Although the dry season is the best time for bird watching, the rainy season can be just as good if you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of comfort.


  • Min. 2 persons, max. 6 persons
  • By foot. Return by car
  • Time: 05.00 – 17.00
  • Period: July – October
  • Participants need to be fit enough for trekking and need appropriate shoes and clothing.

This trek starts in early morning in order to get nice photo light, see more animals and to avoid the mid-day sun. We enter the park directly from our village and cross over the savannah north and east of the Baluran Mountain. We end up in Bama where we will have time to freshen up with a dip in the ocean before we are picked up by our car and taken home. We bring our breakfast with us. Later we have our lunch in the field during the hottest hours, under a big Krasak tree. In the wind the leaves sound like ”krasak”.

This trek is approximately 30 km long and will take us straight through the savannah where few people go. We also trek through some forest. We also You are likely to see many animals: different birds, for example the amazing Green peafowl, and other animals like Deer and more. The scenery is very special with the far stretching savannah and Baluran Mountain.

The trek ends at Bama Beach, where you hopefully have time for a dip in the ocean. Our car will pick us up here and take us back home.


  • Min. 2 persons, max. 8 persons
  • By boat
  • Time: 09.00 – app. 15.00
  • Period: All year, but in rainy season depending on weather

Our car takes us the short ride to the sea where we board a colorful traditional Madura fishing boat to visit a nice snorkeling spot at sea. The coral reef is offshore where the water is very clear. Even in the rainy season it is still possible to enjoy snorkeling and swimming.

After the snorkeling we continue to our “secret” beach. We enjoy our food and drink on this deserted and remote stretch of sand beach.

Our snorkeling safaris have become very popular. The access and transportation is easy. From the boat we have amazing views over the sea and the coastline with the Baluran Mountain in the background. The corals are also, according to our guests, well worth the time.


  • Min. 2 persons, max. 8 persons
  • By foot
  • Time: 15.30 – app. 18.30
  • Period: All year
  • Family friendly

This safari is a relatively short walking trip to experience traditional Madura rural and village life. The villagers are very friendly and you will be able to interact with them during your walk.

We visit local home industries, for example the blacksmith who makes sickle and knives. We will also see the traditional production of tiles used on the local houses. To see the production of the East Java delicacy “tempe” is also possible. The program can change due to local conditions and your interests.

Walk through idyllic rice paddies. See how villagers plough their fields, see peanuts, chilies, corn, and sugar cane grow. Learn how the Madura farmers irrigate and cultivate their fields.

Enjoy a grand view over the fields towards the Baluran Mountain from our shelter in the middle of the rice paddies, while enjoying coffee or tea and snacks. See, feel and hear the setting sun, fireflies, the crickets, the frogs starting their evening serenade, and of course the starry sky.

Notes: This safari is usually carried out in the afternoon if the guests don’t arrive too late in the afternoon.


  • Min. 2 persons, max. 8 persons
  • By bicycle
  • Time: 06.00 – 12.00
  • Period: All year
  • Family friendly

A new alternative to see rural and village life is our bicycling tour which takes you a bit further to more villages and attractions. Cycling along small roads takes you into the midst of Madura village life and activities.

This safari starts immediately after breakfast and will end at lunchtime. The route will take you through 2 – 3 villages, open country side and seashore. A highlight is the Mimbo fish market with its colors, liveliness and fresh fish. We can also visit a traditional fishermen’s beach. If you are interested we can also visit one of the many Muslim boarding schools in this regency. This is in many areas still an important part of the Indonesian educational system. The children and the teachers are very happy to meet foreigners and practice their English.

You will be accompanied by a local guide and have cold refreshments along the road. Our bicycles can also be rented for your own adventure.

For prices and other more information, please contact us.